AQUAOMEGA Omega 3 High DHA (450 ml - Lemon)

AQUAOMEGA Omega 3 High DHA (450 ml - Lemon)

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AquaOmega - AquaOmega 1:5 High DHA - 450  Millilitres - NPN: 80090893

AquaOmega's High DHA fish oil is the highest concentrated DHA Omega-3 supplement on the market today.

DHA is the essential fatty acid responsible for early-stage brain development in the fetus and young children.

DHA has also been proven to slow down symptoms associated with early-onset Alzheimer's disease and dementia.Ingredients: Anchovy Oil, Natural Flavour, Monk Fruit Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Mixed Tocopherol Concentrate.

Take 1.5 tsp daily. Shake well before using.
Refrigerate after opening.

Anchovy oil, Natural Flavor, Monk Fruit Extract, Rosemary leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, mixed tocopherol concentrate.